Major Case Examples.

Bulk Carriers: Integrated Tug & Barge:
Collision in Rio De Plata, Argentina, on laden passage to Europe. Extensive Main Engine and Reduction Gearbox damages.
Extensive hull damage from wetted cargo expansion. Hull fractures and failure of seachests.
General average surveyor, wetted copper concentrates. Main Engine crankshaft failure.
Severe accommodation fire. Main Engine explosion and subsequent fire.
Car Carriers: Passenger Ships:
Propeller blade failures during passage Japan to U.S. Main Engines, excessive cylinder liner & piston ring wear.
Main engine crankshaft failure. Repeated sterntube aft seal assembly, seal failures.
Main engine turbocharger explosion. Assist P&I Club in successful defense of crew injury claim.
Collision and subsequent grounding damages. I.S.P.S.C. ship risk assessment.
Container Ships: Condition Survey and S.M.S. review for mortgagees.
Substantive Main Engine high torsion vibration damage. Grounding damage to propeller and propulsion shafting.
Failure and partial collapse of cell guides. Refrigerated Cargo Ships:
Beaching damages on behalf of the General Interest. Investigate outbreak and re-ignition of Engine Room Fire.
Repeated Main Engine main bearing failures. Salvage ship & cargo following grounding in French Polynesia.
Fracturing of Main Engine Turbocharger Support. Collapse of tween deck hatches and side decks.
Floating Dry-Dock: Liquefaction of fruit cargo on passage Ecuador to Belgium.
Moorings failure during heavy weather. V.L. & U.L.C.C's:
General condition and value for Underwriters. Engine room flooding during laden passage.
Keel/Side block failure and consequential damages. Propulsion shafting and propeller damage.
Condition and emergency response survey for Underwriters. Lay-up and Re-activation. Steam & Diesel powered ships.
RORO Passenger Ships: Auxiliary Boiler explosion and resulting fire
Repeated main engine crankshaft journal damage and bearing failures. Failure of rudder stock carrier bearing.
Investigate collapse of internal deck / ramp.