Client Comments.

"Your recommendation to substantially revise the scope of specified work resulted in a cost saving in excess of US $250,000 and reduced the down time for repairs by several days." U.S.C.G Commander, Naval Engineering Support Unit.

"Mr. Granger was of great assistance to the underwriters during the initial investigation of the casualty and subsequently during the Court proceedings in giving evidence to the Court as a witness of fact, he also assisted the Court as an expert witness on certain issues. Mr. Granger's evidence on both aspects was accepted by the Court." Underwriters Lawyers.

"Your assistance and recommendations were of invaluable assistance to us in mitigating the time and cost to effect repairs." Director of Engineering, major U.S. Passenger Cruise Line.

"Mr. Granger's testimony was extremely helpful, particularly his ability to explain complex engineering problems in lay terms, without loosing sight of the difficult and complex issues involved." Chief Arbitrator (Civil Law)

"Douglas was instrumental in protecting the interests of my clients in a number of cases. In one instance, Douglas's practical advice, and the fact that I could trust it being correct, resulted in litigation being avoided. While I do not mind litigating, the benefit to the client was very substantial"  P & I Club Lawyer.

Navigation Bridge destroyed by fire                      H.P. Turbine Rotor Opened for Inspection.